Friday, July 22, 2011

Another weekend is already here!

Well, I did not complete another card this week, it seems my migraines are back.  I have had one a week, every week for the last 3 weeks and I always have a day after when I feel like I have a hangover from the medication I take for them.  So usually I have 2 days I can't do anything or really just don't feel like doing anything.

I received my Sizzix Big Shot Pro on Wed. but haven't played much.  I did try to make one of the Tim Holtz grunge paper roses yesterday but it really doesn't look anything like his.  Maybe next week I will feel like playing with it some more.  I did not realize all of the adapters I would need to go from the Cuttlebug to the Pro, so I am waiting on several orders (every time I thought I had ordered all I needed I found out I needed another adapter for something to work) to come in so I will have all of the adapters and of course, I ordered some of the Pro dies to try out.

We are going to Lubbock for the weekend, no cooking, no cleaning (yeahhh) just relaxing, shopping and enjoying the weekend.  We are going on the trike since we are going to a rally for Cowboy Trikes and More, it is their 5th anniversary of being in business and we haven't seen Larry and Judy in a while.

Well, I guess that's about all for this morning since I need to get up and pack.  I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.


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  1. Delo on the go...again! I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines, friend. :( Very hard to handle life while hurting! OK so you shoulda asked ME about the Big Shot and all of the lovely add-ons you need to use the darn thing! I did the exact same thing - going from CB to BS...HOLY MOLY. I spent as much on all of the platforms, pads and shims as I did on the darn machine LOL! Can't wait to see more beauties from you - have fun in Lubbock and on your trike travels!