Friday, August 26, 2011

Wish me luck!

Well, it's already Friday. I don't have a card or anything to post but wanted to update on my hubby's ankle. The doctor said he is getting flat footed. The arch support has fallen and the tendons and ligaments are being stretched and pulling away from the bone. He is wearing a brace and has to have arch supports in all of his shoes plus he can't go barefooted anymore (like he ever did). He will go back in a month to see how the brace and supports are working and if not then they will try something else. While we were there he scheduled is bi-lateral knee replacements for Dec. 13. Dr. Baca is going to do this.

Tomorrow is my first class for Copics. I did not get as many students as I would like to have had but right now I know there will be 5. There may be some walk-ins so I may have a couple more. I hope with this class size to be able to give some one on one instructions, so maybe this is a good thing.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to have something to post before the weekend is over.

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  1. Well I can certainly empathize with your hubby! I have foot & knee issues too! :( I hope he gets orthotics and feels better soon! And I hope your Copics class today was spectacular! Tell us more! :)