Thursday, October 27, 2011

The weekend

It's been a while so I thought I would let everyone know what I have been up to. I got back from Sacramento on Wed. 10/20 around 11:00 pm (what an awesome class with Debbie Olson).  On Thursday I had to catch up on laundry and try to get some things done in town (when I go to town it usually turns into an all day thing) plus I needed to cook something to take for the weekend.  Friday I had to get packed for the weekend crop at Black River. I really love going to Black River, it is a weekend crop where you stay in dormitories, you can crop as late as you want or get up as early as you want, you don't need to put things away for the night, you can crop in pjs, really just whatever you want to do. The atmosphere is very relaxed, no challenges, no pressure just a very fun and usually educational weekend (also very chatty you get to visit with people you only see twice a year).

On Monday it was back to reality, get bills paid, finish the laundry, go buy groceries, etc., etc. Then the rest of this week I have been getting everything ready to take to Lubbock for my Copic class. I have been stamping images, deciding which Copics to take (this is not an easy task for me), packing again (almost like for a crop). 

Today I will be helping my husband get ready to take a trip on the trike with his oldest daughter (the one we brought back from CA).  Fri. morning they are going over to Deming to see the middle daughter and her children.  Plus we are taking the '47 Chevy in to have the front suspension replaced, it has the original suspension now and we are updating to a newer one.  The car is coming along very slowly but we are making progress

I will be posting the pictures of what I worked on at Black River as soon as I find the camera and can get the images downloaded from the card.

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.

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